Welcome to the OSWINDS site

The OSWINDS (Online Sources analytics on Web and INternet Distributed platformS) research group belongs to the Programming Languages and Software Engineering Lab of the Department of Informatics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
OSWINDS is an active research group engaged in research and development activities in the areas of ICT technologies and their implementations, with additional interest on multi-disciplinary synergies. The mission of OSWINDS is to enable research and innovation progress and development with cultivating a collaborative and knowledge sharing spirit with internal and International collaborations under common research work and projects. OSWINDS work aims at high quality research as well as at applied research and experimenting.

The team is involved in research and experimentation with a focus on topics of big data management, Web and social network mining and analytics, content delivery and management on the Web, as well as on sentiment analytics. OSWINDS expertise and targeting is primarily on the following areas:

Evolving big data analytics with various methodologies (community detection, incremental clustering, mining, machine learning etc) on multiple (Web logs, social networks, reviews, etc) datasets;
Social media analytics (usage and content summarization) with methodologies for topics and events detection in various contexts (geo-location, time, sentiment, etc);
Smart cities (IoT) and social networks data integration with focus on smart city data threads management and detection of communities, topics, trends, events, and sentiment on geo-located data and on distributed city infrastructures;
Cloud-based evolving data streams management with efforts on the design and implementation of cloud-based frameworks for social networks trends and topics detection;
Societal and cultural innovation via ICT technologies with implementation of applications and frameworks at which cultural content and usage are Web and mobile implemented and outsourced.