About the Project:

"SAFEYOU+: Strengthens the anti-doping fight in youth amateur and fitness sports", is an Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnership, which utilizes state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and methods, in order to understand doping cases in sports, develop an educational tool that provides updated information and resources about abstaining from doping, as well as educating stakeholders and end-users about the harms of doping and how to abstain. More details can be found on the project’s webpage.

"TWEETSAFE" is a project developed by OSWINDS Research Group as part of this collaborative partnership (A23, A24, in WP4: Crowdsourced content retrieval and modelling). The goal of this project is to crowdsource social media on the topic of doping in order to enable more anti-doping policies, to expand its impact by involving a wider and more diverse group of sports professionals and stakeholder, also to disseminate anti-doping education in wider target groups and finally to utilize innovative technologies and pedagogical approaches. "TWEETSAFE" performs social media mining regarding doping cases and related people on Twitter, Youtube and Google+, as well as data analytics and sentiment analysis techniques on the collected data, while it also enables the visualization of the results through an online platform.

About us:

The OSWINDS (Online Sources analytics on Web and INternet Distributed platformS) research group belongs to the Programming Languages and Software Engineering Lab of the Department of Informatics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. OSWINDS is an active research group engaged in research and development activities in the areas of ICT technologies and their implementations, with additional interest on multi-disciplinary synergies. The mission of OSWINDS is to enable research and innovation progress and development with cultivating a collaborative and knowledge sharing spirit with internal and International collaborations under common research work and projects. OSWINDS work aims at high quality research as well as at applied research and experimenting.

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