ClustTour: City Exploration by use of Hybrid Photo Clustering

TitleClustTour: City Exploration by use of Hybrid Photo Clustering
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010

We present a technical demonstration of an online city explorationapplication that helps users identify interesting spotsin a city by use of photo clusters corresponding to landmarksand events. Our application, called ClustTour, is based onan efficient landmark and event detection scheme for taggedphoto collections. The proposed scheme relies on the combinationof a graph-based photo clustering algorithm, makinguse of both visual and tag information of photos, with acluster classification and merging module. ClustTour createsa map-based visualization of the identified photo clustersthat are classified in prominent categories and are filterableby time and tag. We believe that such an applicationcan greatly facilitate the task of knowing a city through itslandmarks and events. So far, the demo has been based on alarge photo dataset focused on Barcelona, and it is graduallyexpanding to contain photo clusters of several major cities ofEurope. Furthermore, an Android application is developedthat complements the web-based version of ClustTour.


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