Evolutionary Prefetching and Caching in an Independent Storage Units Model

TitleEvolutionary Prefetching and Caching in an Independent Storage Units Model
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsVakali, Athena
EditorYakhno, Tatyana M.
Book TitleADVIS
ISBN Number3-540-41184-4
Keywordsdata prefetching and caching, object-based storage models, parallel storage units

Modern applications demand support for a large number ofclients and require large scale storage subsystems. This paper presentsa theoretical model of prefetching and caching of storage objects undera parallel storage units architecture. The storage objects are definedas variable sized data blocks and a specific cache area is reserved fordata prefetching and caching. An evolutionary algorithm is proposed foridentifying the storage objects to be prefetched and cached. The storageobject prefetching approach is experimented under certain artificialworkloads of requests for a set of storage units and has shown significantperformance improvement with respect to request service times, as wellas cache and byte hit ratios.

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