In & out zooming on time-aware user/tag clusters

TitleIn & out zooming on time-aware user/tag clusters
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011

The common ground behind most approaches that analyze social taggingsystems is addressing the information challenge that emerges from the massiveactivity of millions of users who interact and share resources and/or metadata online.However, lack of any time-related data in the analysis process implicitly deniesmuch of the dynamic nature of social tagging activity. In this paper we claim thatholding a temporal dimension, allows for tracking macroscopic and microscopicusers’ interests, detecting emerging trends and recognizing events. To this end, wepropose a time-aware co-clustering approach for acquiring semantic and temporalpatterns out of the tagging activity. The resulted clusters contain both users and tagsof similar patterns over time, and reveal non-obvious or “hidden” relations amongusers and topics of their common interest. Zoom in & out views serve as visualizationmethods on different aspects of the clusters’ structure, in order to evaluate theefficiency of the approach.


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