Social Web Mashups Full Completion via Frequent Sequence Mining

TitleSocial Web Mashups Full Completion via Frequent Sequence Mining
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011

In this paper we address the problem of WebMashups full completion which consists of predicting themost suitable set of (combined) services that successfully meetthe goals of an end-user Mashup, given the current service(or composition of services) initially supplied. We model fullcompletion as a frequent sequence mining problem and weshow how existing algorithms can be applied in this context.To overcome some limitations of the frequent sequence miningalgorithms, e.g., efficiency and recommendation granularity,we propose FESMA, a new and efficient algorithm for computingfrequent sequences of services and recommending completions.FESMA also integrates a social dimension, extractedfrom the transformation of user → service interactions intouser → user interactions, building an implicit graph thathelps to better predict completions of services in a fashiontailored to individual users. Evaluations show that FESMAis more efficient outperforming the existing algorithms evenwith the consideration of the social dimension. Our proposalhas been implemented in a prototype, SoCo, developed at BellLabs.


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