A Two-Level Representation Model for Effective Video Data Storage

TitleA Two-Level Representation Model for Effective Video Data Storage
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000

The main issues characterizing current video applications are their strong requirements for huge storage spaces andtheir need for timing synchronizationVideo data storageis a critical research topic due to the socalled IObottle neck problem which aects the quality of service of videoapplicationsThis paper introduces a two level video datarepresentation model in order to guide video data storage on a tertiary storage subsystemA simulation model hasbeen developed to evaluate dierent video placement strategies based on both Constructive and Iterative ImprovementapproachesExperimentation has been carried out for theproposed placement approaches as well as for a typical random placement policy which serves as a comparison refer enceIterative Improvement placement has been proven tooutperform the other considered video data placement approaches in both seek and service times.


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