Caching Techniques for Parallel IO Servicing

TitleCaching Techniques for Parallel IO Servicing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999

Paral lel and distributed systems architectures support paral lel I/O componentsCachinghas been applied to distributed I/O subsystems as astandard solution to the problems of fastening dataaccessibility and increasing data reliability Cacheconsistency mechanisms have been implemented inorder to inuence the cache usefulness in a positive way This paper presents a new caching technique based on the genetic algorithm idea and examines the eect of this technique on the parallel I/Ocache consistency and updating process Cacheddata blocks on paral lel disks are considered as apopulation evolving over simulated time and areupdated at regular intervals towards an improvedcache content The proposed cache update schemeis compared with the LRU caching scheme whichhas been widely adopted The proposed techniqueshows improved performance compared to conventional caching under simulation runs for variousworkloads.


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