Web-based delegation using XML

TitleWeb-based delegation using XML
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsStoupa, Konstantina, Athena Vakali, Fang Li, and George Andreadis
Book TitleSMC (6)
ISBN Number0-7803-8566-7
KeywordsDelegation, XML access control

Existing access control mechanisms should beextended in order to authorize external (and possiblyunknown) clients, when entering distributedenvironments. This paper proposes the structure andissuing of appropriate authorization certificate to supportthe delegation process under a role-based access controlenvironment. The proposed processes aim to enhanceaccessing automation and to avoid (centraladministrator) bottlenecks (in cases of altering anauthorization or a policy). The delegation requests andthe certificates are expressed according to the XMLsyntax for enhancing the interoperability of thedelegation processes, which is highlighted in a step-bystepalgorithmic fashion using flowcharts.


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