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Stoupa, Konstantina, Zisis Simeoforidis, and Athena Vakali. "Credential-Based Policies Management in an Access Control Framework Protecting XML Resources." In ISCIS, edited by Albert Levi, Erkay Savas, Hüsnü Yenigün, Selim Balcisoy and Yücel Saygin, 603-612. Vol. 4263. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4263. Springer, 2006.PDF icon C53.pdf (1.51 MB)
Petridou, Sophia G., Vassiliki A. Koutsonikola, Athena Vakali, and Georgios I. Papadimitriou. "A Divergence-Oriented Approach for Web Users Clustering." In ICCSA (2), edited by Marina L. Gavrilova, Osvaldo Gervasi, Vipin Kumar, Chih Jeng Kenne Tan, David Taniar, Antonio LaganĂ, Youngsong Mun and Hyunseung Choo, 1229-1238. Vol. 3981. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3981. Springer, 2006.
Pallis, George, and Athena Vakali. "Insight and Perspectives for Content Delivery Networks." Commun. ACM 49 (2006): 101-106.PDF icon PDF (182.83 KB)
Stamos, Konstantinos, George Pallis, and Athena Vakali. "Integrating Caching Techniques on a Content Distribution Network." In ADBIS, edited by Yannis Manolopoulos, Jaroslav Pokorny and Timos K. Sellis, 200-215. Vol. 4152. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4152. Springer, 2006.
Stoupa, Konstantina, and Athena Vakali. "QoS-oriented negotiation in disk subsystems." Data Knowl. Eng. 58 (2006): 107-128.PDF icon PDF (520.7 KB)
Pallis, George, Konstantinos Stamos, Athena Vakali, Dimitrios Katsaros, Antonis Sidiropoulos, and Yannis Manolopoulos. "Replication Based on Objects Load under a Content Distribution Network." In ICDE Workshops, edited by Roger S. Barga and Xiaofang Zhou, 53. IEEE Computer Society, 2006.
Stamos, Konstantinos, George Pallis, Charilaos Thomos, and Athena Vakali. "A similarity based approach for integrated Web caching and content replication in CDNs." In IDEAS, edited by Bipin C. Desai and Shyam K. Gupta, 239-242. IEEE Computer Society, 2006.PDF icon C54.pdf (119.92 KB)
Pallis, George, Athena Vakali, and Jaroslav Pokorny. "A clustering-based prefetching scheme on a Web cache environment." Computers & Electrical Engineering 34 (2008): 309-323.
Giannakidou, Eirini, Vassiliki A. Koutsonikola, Athena Vakali, and Yiannis Kompatsiaris. "Co-Clustering Tags and Social Data Sources." In WAIM, 317-324. IEEE, 2008.PDF icon C59.pdf (412.23 KB)
Content Delivery Networks (Lecture Notes Electrical Engineering) In Content Delivery Networks, Edited by Rajkumar Buyya, Al-Mukaddim Khan Pathan and Athena Vakali. Springer-Verlag Gmbh, 2008.
Koutsonikola, Vassiliki A., Sophia G. Petridou, Athena Vakali, Hakim Hacid, and Boualem Benatallah. "Correlating Time-Related Data Sources with Co-clustering." In WISE, edited by James Bailey, David Maier, Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Bernhard Thalheim and Xiaoyang Sean Wang, 264-279. Vol. 5175. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5175. Springer, 2008.PDF icon C61.pdf (497.83 KB)
Pallis, George, Konstantinos Stamos, Athena Vakali, Charilaos Thomos, and George Andreadis. "Integrating Caching Techniques in CDNs using a Classification Approach." IJBDCN 4 (2008): 1-12.PDF icon J40.pdf (555.22 KB)
Theodosiou, Theodosios, Lefteris Angelis, and Athena Vakali. "Non-linear correlation of content and metadata information extracted from biomedical article datasets." Journal of Biomedical Informatics 41 (2008): 202-216.
Sidiropoulos, Antonis, George Pallis, Dimitrios Katsaros, Konstantinos Stamos, Athena Vakali, and Yannis Manolopoulos. "Prefetching in Content Distribution Networks via Web Communities Identification and Outsourcing." World Wide Web 11 (2008): 39-70.
Giannakidou, Eirini, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, and Athena Vakali. "SEMSOC: SEMantic, SOcial and Content-Based Clustering in Multimedia Collaborative Tagging Systems." In ICSC, 128-135. IEEE Computer Society, 2008.
Koutsonikola, Vassiliki A., Athena Vakali, Antonios Mpalasas, and Michael Valavanis. "A Structure-Based Clustering on LDAP Directory Information." In ISMIS, edited by Aijun An, Stan Matwin, Zbigniew W. Ras and Dominik Slezak, 121-130. Vol. 4994. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4994. Springer, 2008.PDF icon C58.pdf (231.66 KB)
Petridou, Sophia G., Vassiliki A. Koutsonikola, Athena Vakali, and Georgios I. Papadimitriou. "Time-Aware Web Users’ Clustering." IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 20 (2008): 653-667.
Vakali, Athena. "Access Control Policy Languages." In Encyclopedia of Database Systems, edited by Ling Liu and Tamer M. Ozsu, 15-18. Springer US, 2009.
Bouzakis, K.-D., George Andreadis, Athena Vakali, and M. Sarigiannidou. "Automating the manufacturing process under a web based framework." Advances in Engineering Software 40 (2009): 956-964.PDF icon J43.pdf (1.13 MB)

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