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Book Chapter
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Conference Paper
"An Adaptive Model for Parallel I/O Processing.", 1999.PDF icon C13.pdf (772.08 KB)
"Assigning Gene Ontology terms to biotext by classification methods.", 2007.PDF icon C57.pdf (110.79 KB)
"Automatic Extraction of Structure, Content and Usage Data Statistics of Web Sites.", 2010.PDF icon C77.pdf (643.99 KB)
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"Bridge Bounding: A Local Approach for Efficient Community Discovery in Complex Networks.", 2009.PDF icon C93.pdf (981.7 KB)
"A caching approach for XML based medical data.", 2000.PDF icon C16.pdf (259.66 KB)
"Caching Ob jects from Heterogeneous Information Sources.", 1999.PDF icon C10.pdf (282.26 KB)
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"CERTH @ MediaEval 2011 Social Event Detection Task.", 2011.PDF icon C84.pdf (155.83 KB)

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