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Stoupa, Konstantina, Athena Vakali, Fang Li, and George Andreadis. "Web-based delegation using XML." In SMC (6), 5189-5194. IEEE, 2004.PDF icon C37.pdf (418.16 KB)
Stoupa, Konstantina, and Athena Vakali. "QoS-oriented negotiation in disk subsystems." Data Knowl. Eng. 58 (2006): 107-128.PDF icon PDF (520.7 KB)
Stoupa, Konstantina, Athena Vakali, Fang Li, and Ioannis Tsoukalas. "XML-Based Revocation and Delegation in a Distributed Environment." In EDBT Workshops, edited by Wolfgang Lindner, Marco Mesiti, Can Türker, Yannis Tzitzikas and Athena Vakali, 299-308. Vol. 3268. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3268. Springer, 2004.
Stoupa, Konstantina, and Athena Vakali. "Clustering subjects in a credential-based access control framework." Computers & Security 26 (2007): 120-129.PDF icon PDF (572.55 KB)
Stoupa, Konstantina, Zisis Simeoforidis, and Athena Vakali. "Credential-Based Policies Management in an Access Control Framework Protecting XML Resources." In ISCIS, edited by Albert Levi, Erkay Savas, Hüsnü Yenigün, Selim Balcisoy and Yücel Saygin, 603-612. Vol. 4263. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4263. Springer, 2006.PDF icon C53.pdf (1.51 MB)
Stoupa, Konstantina, and Athena Vakali. "An XML-based language for access control specifications in an RBAC environment." In SMC, 1717-1722. IEEE, 2003.PDF icon C32.pdf (344.42 KB)
Stampouli, Anastasia, Eirini Giannakidou, and Athena Vakali. "Tag Disambiguation through Flickr and Wikipedia." In DASFAA Workshops, edited by Masatoshi Yoshikawa, Xiaofeng Meng, Takayuki Yumoto, Qiang Ma, Lifeng Sun and Chiemi Watanabe, 252-263. Vol. 6193. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6193. Springer, 2010.PDF icon C73.pdf (1.71 MB)
Stamos, Konstantinos, George Pallis, and Athena Vakali. "Integrating Caching Techniques on a Content Distribution Network." In ADBIS, edited by Yannis Manolopoulos, Jaroslav Pokorny and Timos K. Sellis, 200-215. Vol. 4152. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4152. Springer, 2006.
Stamos, Konstantinos, George Pallis, Athena Vakali, Dimitrios Katsaros, Antonis Sidiropoulos, and Yannis Manolopoulos. "CDNsim: A simulation tool for content distribution networks." ACM Trans. Model. Comput. Simul. 20 (2010).PDF icon J45.pdf (842.84 KB)
Stamos, Konstantinos, Nikolaos A. Laskaris, and Athena Vakali. "Mani-Web: Large-Scale Web Graph Embedding via Laplacian Eigenmap Approximation." IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C 42 (2012): 879-888.PDF icon J50.pdf (908.15 KB)
Stamos, Konstantinos, George Pallis, Charilaos Thomos, and Athena Vakali. "A similarity based approach for integrated Web caching and content replication in CDNs." In IDEAS, edited by Bipin C. Desai and Shyam K. Gupta, 239-242. IEEE Computer Society, 2006.PDF icon C54.pdf (119.92 KB)
Stamos, Konstantinos, George Pallis, Athena Vakali, and Marios D. Dikaiakos. "Evaluating the utility of content delivery networks." In UPGRADE-CN, edited by Giancarlo Fortino, Carlo Mastroianni, Al-Mukaddim Khan Pathan and Athena Vakali, 11-20. ACM, 2009.PDF icon C67.pdf (205.12 KB)
Srivastava, Lara, and Athena Vakali. "Towards a Narrative-Aware Design Framework for Smart Urban Environments." In Future Internet Assembly, edited by Federico Alvarez, Frances Cleary, Petros Daras, John Domingue, Alex Galis, Ana Garcia, Anastasius Gavras, Stamatis Karnouskos, Srdjan Krco, Man-Sze Li et al., 166-177. Vol. 7281. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7281. Springer, 2012.
Sidiropoulos, Antonis, George Pallis, Dimitrios Katsaros, Konstantinos Stamos, Athena Vakali, and Yannis Manolopoulos. "Prefetching in Content Distribution Networks via Web Communities Identification and Outsourcing." World Wide Web 11 (2008): 39-70.
Serrà, Joan, Ilias Leontiadis, Dimitris Spathis, Gianluca Stringhini, Jeremy Blackburn, and Athena Vakali. Class-based Prediction Errors to Categorize Text with Out-of-vocabulary Words. ALW1'17. Vancouver, Canada, 2017.PDF icon Paper (211.93 KB)
Samaras, Christos, Athena Vakali, Maria Giatsoglou, Despoina Chatzakou, and Lefteris Angelis. "Requirements and architecture design principles for a smart city experiment with sensor and social networks integration." In Panhellenic Conference on Informatics, edited by Panayiotis H. Ketikidis, Konstantinos G. Margaritis, Ioannis P. Vlahavas, Alexander Chatzigeorgiou, George Eleftherakis and Ioannis Stamelos, 327-334. ACM, 2013.PDF icon PDF (226.39 KB)

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